Hibiscus: self check-in

OUTSIDE entrance

The reserved parking space is the THIRD one from the RIGHT, as shown in the picture here:

Access to the flat from outside is possible using the GREEN KEY.


When you want to leave the flat, to open the wooden door, you must press the black button on your right and simultaneously pull the door.

Laundry room

To access the laundry room, you must use the SILVER KEY.

This room is located as soon as you enter the wooden door, on the right, the last door in front of you; this is the place to use to leave the freshly washed laundry (you can’t leave anything hanging on the windows); here you will also find a small safe (already opened) where you can put the keys for the check-out (within 10: 00am, close the flat, take the car out of the parking space outside, put the keys in here and change the numbers – the combination, in case you need it is “2602“); there are also the 3 garbage cans that will have to be placed outside the iron gate on the scheduled days (the instructions about the garbage are right in the laundry room, above the garbage cans).

Inside the apartment

You enter the flat with the BIG BLACK KEY.
On the entrance door, on the inside, you will find a QR-CODE that allows you to access the WiFi network (just take a picture of it with your smartphone to connect, in case it doesn’t work, you will find written the name of the network and its password).
In front of you are the kitchen and the living room; the kitchen worktop has additional lighting: the LED bar (touch) is operated by touching the end on the right; a long press adjusts the intensity of the light, a quick press switches the LED bar on/off.
In winter: the thermostat shows the room temperature and the set temperature. The temperature can be changed by pressing the last two right-hand touch buttons (up arrow / down arrow).
The sofa bed (if necessary) is already prepared and equipped with sheets: to open it, simply pull the back towards you, from the centre; be careful not to leave the sheets caught in the mechanism while opening it, they could tear. The cushions and quilt of the sofa bed are stored in the wardrobe in the bedroom.
The white remote control is for the air conditioner, the big black one is for the TV.
The washing machine is located in the bathroom behind the door; the switch next to the washing machine plug is the main switch for the air-conditioner.


Check-out is by 10:00 am; please lock the flat, take your car out of the car park and put the house keys in the small safe in the laundry room (which you can of course leave unlocked), taking care to change the pre-set combination “2602“.

When you have left, please send me a confirmation message so that I can start cleaning the flat.