Il Papavero: self check-in

Via Case Nuove 25, Sirmione (BS) / CAR ACCESS 

Via Case Nuove is a dead-end street, the flat “Il Papavero” is in the last building on your right.

The left-hand side of the road is free parking and available 24 hours / 365 days a year, while the right-hand side is subject to a parking ban (as indicated by the photograph above). In case you cannot park in the car park in via Case Nuove, at the end of the street – on your right – there is an electric gate, which can be opened with the remote control in your possession (first button on the top left of the remote control); if the remote control, for some reason does not work, the smaller metal key in the bunch, allows you to open the electric gate. The gate will close automatically.
Once you have arrived in the interior area, the garage is the last one on your right and is opened by a RED KEY.
The door leading to the interior directly from the garage opens with a RED KEY (there are two different ones in your deck); the door providing access to the garage must always be locked.

Via Case Nuove 25, Sirmione (BS) / PEDESTRIAN ACCESS

You enter through the main door using the YELLOW KEY.
The flat is on the second and last floor on your right.
It is possible to take the lift on each floor of the building.

Inside the apartment  

The entrance door opens with the only KEY WITHOUT COLOUR.
On the entrance door, on the inside, you will find a QR-CODE that allows you to access the WiFi network (just take a picture of it with your smartphone to connect, in case it doesn’t work, you will find written the name of the network and its password).
In front of you are the kitchen and the living room.
The balcony on your right, as you enter the flat, is the one that is always in the shade, from which fresh air enters in summer; the one on your left, as you enter the flat, is the largest and sunniest one where you will find the table, the outdoor chairs and the electric control for the awnings (in case of bad weather or strong wind, I kindly ask you to close the awnings to prevent them from breaking).
In winter: the thermostat shows the room temperature and the set temperature. The temperature can be changed by pressing the last two touch buttons on the right (up arrow / down arrow).
The flat has underfloor heating and it takes 48 hours of continuous operation to bring a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius into the house in the middle of winter; large or small changes in temperature take a long time to be felt as the system has to come fully up to temperature.
The sofa beds (if required) are already prepared and fitted with sheets: to open them, simply pull the back towards you from the centre; take care not to leave the sheets caught in the mechanism when opening, as they could tear. The cushions and quilts of the sofa beds are stored in the wardrobe in the bedroom.
The white remote control is for the air conditioner (the same remote control operates the split in the living room and the one in the bedroom corridor), the large black one is for the TV.

Please DO NOT USE the washing machine+dishwasher+oven at the same time, as this will overload the meter and cut off the power to the whole flat.

The washing machine is located in the bathroom; the switch above it is the general switch that can completely deactivate it from the rest of the electrical system.

Among the keys you are equipped with, there is a BLUE accessory that allows you to open the rubbish cans all over Sirmione; separate waste collection is in force (therefore waste must be divided) and to open the cans located on the road BUT ONLY FOR WASTE (food scraps) AND DRY (undifferentiated), you must use the BLUE electronic key: just press the button on the bin, bring the BLUE key close to it, and use the pedal to open the door; for plastic, paper and glass, you DO NOT need to use the BLUE key.


Check-out time is by 10:00 am; please take your car out of the garage, leave the keys on the kitchen table and close the door behind you (DO NOT leave the keys in the door, otherwise you will not be able to access the flat again).

When you have left, please send me a confirmation message so that I can start cleaning the flat.